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If you are looking for a private detective in Pakistan, then you are at the right place, as our private detective agency in Lahore, Pakistan, is one of the top private spy agencies in Pakistan. We have a wide range of expertise. Every private investigator in Lahore is the best on the market. Among all the private investigation companies in Pakistan, we are the best spy agency in Lahore, Pakistan. Each of our private investigators in Lahore is a master of his work. Our private investigator in Pakistan, after hearing your issue, sees how he can help you. Our main offices are in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, and Rawalpindi. Our private detective in Lahore is very professional. Our private detectives in Pakistan operates all over the country. We also have professionals all over the country. Our private investigators in Pakistan are very professional. Pappu Private Detective Agency in Pakistan is working all over the country with professional people. Our field of work includes the following:

Cheating Spouse Investigator in Pakistan

The investigation of a cheating spouse is now much easier with our private detectives in Lahore, Pakistan. You can hire our private spy agency to keep an eye on your spouse and to verify what exactly is going on. A private investigator for a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is also available. Cheating by spouses has now increased in our country. It is now even impossible to trust your spouse. If you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you or not, you may hire our private detective in Pakistan. Our private investigators in Pakistan can dig out all the information you need. We have the ability to clarify in your mind whether what you are thinking is correct or not. Pappu Private Detective Agency in Pakistan have professional people who can assist you in this regards.

Asset Search

If you are worried about a lost asset, we can help you find your lost property through our private detective agency in Lahore, Pakistan. If you want to search for hidden or lost assets, you may contact us. Some people have property documents but do not know exactly where their property is on the ground. They can contact us to find their lost properties. The assets also include bank accounts and moveable properties. Our private detectives in Pakistan can also search for the lost or hidden assets of your families to which you may be entiled.

Back Ground Check through private detective in Pakistan

If you wish to have a background check of anyone like your fiancée, employee, family member, etc you can reach any of our private investigators in Lahore. The back ground check in general sense includes a lots of things. There can be many things except every thing which we can check for you. Please be specific when you ask for back ground check through our private detectives in Pakistan which will save yours time and ours.

Employee Screening

Many employers have issues with cheating employees or are concerned with the background history of employees. You can contact us, as we are the best private detectives in Pakistan. Today, it is difficult to find a good employee, and it is even more difficult to trust your existing employee. We can help you in both cases. If you doubt that your employee is in contact with your rival or you think that your employee is being direct with your client, you may contact our private investigator in Pakistan. Our private detective in Lahore and other cities is an expert in employee screening.

Computer Crimes

For investigations regarding the cyber issues, please call Pappu Detective Agency in Lahore, Pakistan. Cybercrimes have increased a lot in the country. If you are a victim of a cyber offense and you need any help from us, you may contact us.


For all forensic investigations or for collecting evidence of a different nature, you can contact us, as we are among the best private detective agencies in Pakistan. Forensic evidence helps you reach a conclusion. The forensic evidence can lead you towards the culprit.

Crime Scene

Many crime scenes are overlooked by law enforcement agencies, and we can fill these lacunas with our expertise, as each of our private investigators in Lahore is the best. The crime scene is of great importance in collecting evidence. Our private detectives in Lahore, Pakistan, are experts in collecting evidence at the crime scene.


White Collar Crime

For the investigation of white-collar crime, you can contact our private spy agency in Lahore. White collar crime is becoming more common in Pakistan. It is difficult to trace the culprit in cases of white collar crime, but we may assist you in these cases. Our private detective in Pakistan can be helpful to you in these cases.

Bad Debts Recovery

For the recovery of bad debts and investigations of debts, our detective agents in Lahore, Pakistan, can be contacted. Our Pappu private detective agency in Pakistan can assist you in this regard.


Insurance companies can avail of our services for fact-finding in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan. If you even don’t know from where your deceased relative took the insurance, you may contact us. The insurance companies will never contact you to collect the insurance amount. You have to work for yourself and take steps to get the insured amount. Our professional private detective in Lahore can check records all over the country.

Security agencies

Security agencies can get in touch with us to screen the employee’s background history or to check the criminal records.


Businessmen can contact our private detective agency in Lahore for rivals and cheating partners. Sometimes your business rivals use bad tactics against you, of which you may not be aware. You have to be updated on the moves of your competitors if you want to be relevant in the market. We can check if your business partner or business rival is using cheap tactics against your business or not. Our private detectives in Lahore are experts in business issues. Our private investigator in Pakistan can also dig out information from the business rivals.


For corporate issues, our detectives in Lahore, Pakistan, can be contacted. The corporate world may have many issues with their employees, business partners, clients, or business rivals. You may get help from the company with your corporate issues.

Prison record searches

If you want to check whether a prison record that a person is in jail or facing a trial you can contact our private spy agency in Lahore. We can assist you in the official records of courts and prisons.


Surveillance services are also very important in many cases. Through modern technology, you can now know where a person is going and whom he is in touch with. The surveillance gives you a lead in many cases to catch the culprit.

Municipal records

To check and verify municipal records of any kind, you can contact our private detective in Islamabad and private detective in Lahore Pakistan. The municipal records include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce certificates. If you need to verify any of the municipal records or get a duplicate copy, you may contact us to check marriage record in Pakistan.

Marriage certificates

To check and verify marriage and divorce certificates, you can contact our private intelligence agencies in Pakistan. If you wish to check if your spouse was previously married or married again, you can contact us to verify. You can also contact us to check the divorce status of a person.

Private investigations

For all types of private investigation in Lahore Pakistan or Islamabad or in Karachi please contact our private detective in Islamabad or our private detective agency in Lahore.

Matrimonial Investigation by private detective in Pakistan

Marriage is a very big decision in life that needs extra caution and care, as your whole life depends on it. Our matrimonial investigation is divided into two categories, as follows:
i) Premarital investigations: In a premarital investigation, we check multiple things so that you may not be deceived before the marriage. Instead of being an aggrieved person and repenting all your life, it is better to first check the complete details of the person to whom you are being married.
ii) Post-marital investigations: In post-marital investigations, we check if your spouse is cheating you or what exactly the scene is. Our Pappu Private Detective Agency in Pakistan is an expert in both premarital and post marital affairs.

Court Records And Proceedings Record

To check any court records and proceedings records, please contact the Pappu Detective Agency in Lahore, Pakistan. If you are in need of any document that is part of court proceedings, you may contact us to obtain the record.

Real Estate

Today, 50% of frauds are committed in the business of real estate, and extra care is required when selling and purchasing a property. If all documents are checked and verified nicely, then there is no chance of fraud. Please contact our best detective agency in Pakistan to check or verify the property documents. Instead of repenting all your life after wasting your money, it is better to first check the property records through our private investigators in Pakistan in order to avoid any fraud in the future.

Mobile Data

Mobile call record in Pakistan is a very big lead in almost all cases. In mobile record you get the location of the person using it. You also get all the record of all those people with whom the mobile user is in touch with.

Finger Prints

(For the extracting of fingerprints please contact us)

Private detective in Lahore Pakistan Pappu Detective Agency

“Please note that we cannot be contacted for any illegal activity. Our domain extends to only those activities which are considered as legal as per law of Pakistan. We cannot investigate any matter which is sub-judice in any court of law of Pakistan and we cannot investigate any matter in which law enforcement agencies of Pakistan is involved as we cannot interfere in any investigation done by any law enforcement agency.”

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